by Arboricidio

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released February 15, 2014

Arboricidio is:

Jorge - Drums
Jose - Guitar
Jesus -Guitar
Manu - Bass/Vocals
Amy -Vocals/Lyrics

Recorded by Sam Thredder at Cro's Nest Studio 2013


all rights reserved



Arboricidio London, UK

Arboricidio play d-beat crust, punk, hardcore from London, UK.

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Track Name: Is this the end ?
Is this the end?
Just look at you
No reason to live
Nothing to give
The path you take Is up to you

No, Is this the end?
Just look at you
No reason to live
Nothing to give
The path you take Is up to you

Are we still alive?
Clutch our chests
Feel our heartbeats
forever lost

What can I say
At least we tried
To treasure this day
Track Name: Dead Black Leaves
Dead black leaves cover the concrete
Thoughts are turned to days now passed 
Where the earth was radiant and fertile
Now it lies in dust

Suffocated, Mutilated
Death / Life
Dead black leaves
What is left
Sorrow fills us

Dead black leaves
Scorched and burnt
Hang our heads In shame

Dead black leaves
Beautiful trees
All we do is

Perished by the hand of man
But hope simmers from this rubble of dirt and mud
Through the barren asphalt
Light beats the darkness
Track Name: Echoes
Echoes from the past
Are haunting me
From another time
Almost forgotten

Feelings unable to explain
Conditioned to ignore

Piercing like nails into flesh
Cutting deep into old wounds

That won’t ever heal
Trembling from this weight of guilt

Give me strength
or I’ll fester
From this burden
we must reflect
Track Name: The plague that affects us all
We are at death's door
And still we do not see
What we have become
What we seek to be

A hollow shell
Nothing beneath
No heartbeat
A lifeless entity

The plague that affects us all

A shameful masquerade
This death parade
Hope seems lost
If we continue this way
Will we wake up
from this apathy
Let me tell you
This is not meant to be

The plague
that affects us all

The plague
that affects us all
Track Name: Silence
Awoken by this everyday nightmare
Reoccurring images scarred and etched
Deep inside our minds lips too dry to speak
Wipe away those tears
My dear for love is far
Touched by hate
Look at me now
I swear the truth
Is a lot to bear


Are we deaf to the silence?
Behind the smile
Lies suffering and pain
Are we deaf to the silence?
Bruised and beaten
No hope left
Are we deaf to the silence?

Daily routine of subjugation
Men’s blood poisoned by
The sickness of misogyny

Are we deaf to the silence?

Let us see the dawn
Behind the wall
Of past defeat
Track Name: Cursed
The pillars of civilisation on shaky ground
No more noise as it crumbles and dies
The last remnants of a destructive invention
Which leaves us nothing left to mourn

As the machine halts its path
What made us so strong
Shows how weak we are
As it goes
we watch its demise 

Hollow shells remain
ghosts of the past
Forever forgotten but never forgiven
Life re-wilds
Life re-news
Nature reclaims
Nature starts afresh

Through the harshest winter
We will sustain
The ashes of the old
Feeds the new
For though they tried to tame 
Their cloak of myth has gone
Track Name: The shame they need to bare
The scars scolded on their bodies
Tortured for not believing
Tortured for living differently
Don't listen to what they say
Because greed drives their faith

With nowhere to go
No means to fight back
When this curse is preached as the cure

The shame of their cross
The shame they need to bare
A holy sacrifice
sealed in blood

Thousands slain and for what?
Cultures ripped apart
and destroyed

A grotesque fulfilment
A false prophesy
In the farthest depths
Resistance still remains
But the onslaught continues
People more dead than alive

Will this ever end?
Will this ever end?

This horror
This lie
This obscene indoctrination

Just leave them alone
Too much misery
Too much blood
has been shed

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